Funny daylight savings

Funny daylight savings

This meant some cities were an hour behind others even though they were only separated by a few miles on a map. Virgin Islands and American Samoa. Advocates in support of Daylight Saving Time suggest that in addition to reducing crime and automobile accidents, extended daylight hours also improve energy conservation by allowing people to use less energy to light their businesses and homes. His scheme was ridiculed and much opposed and although a Daylight Saving Bill was introduced in there was still not enough support. Standard times were adopted in response to the spread of railways and telegraphic communications. Times of work, study, sport, religious observance and sleep were becoming normalised nationally and could not easily be altered with the seasons. By the start of the 20th Century people like William Willetts were lobbying governments to create a system for incremental clock changes.

Funny daylight savings

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Daylight Saving Time Explained

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