Brad funny moments

Brad funny moments

In , Pitt received a Golden Globe award and an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of a visionary mental patient in Terry Gilliam's 12 Monkeys; the same year, Pitt attempted an Austrian accent and put on a backpack to play mountaineer Heinrich Harrar in Seven Years in Tibet. The film met with mixed reviews and generated a fair amount of controversy, thanks in part to the revelation that the real-life Harrar had in fact been a Nazi. Later that same year, fans watched in anticipation as Pitt exchanged his outdoorsy persona for the brooding, gothic posturing of Anne Rice's tortured vampire Louis in the film adaptation of Interview With the Vampire. In , Pitt tried his hand at romantic drama, portraying Death in Meet Joe Black, the most expensive non-special effects film ever made. Pitt next starred in the forgettable romantic comedy The Favor before going on to play a rookie detective investigating a series of gruesome crimes opposite Morgan Freeman in Seven Pitt's next major role did not arrive until early , when he was cast as the lead of the gorgeously photographed Legends of the Fall.

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Bradley Walsh's Funniest Moments - The Chase

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Brad funny moments

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