Ejaculation smells funny

Ejaculation smells funny

NEVER has my cum had a distinctive smell.. The nerve roots of the clitoris surrounding the urethra make it an especially sensitive area which is commonly known as G-spot. Sticking your tongue up there is fine and may help, but ultimately she will probably have to suck the air into her vagina using the diaphragm exhalation method above. I did smell a faint smell of urine, but I also have a strong sense of smell whereas my DH did not smell that. I did notice that if any smell it was sort of sweet like fruity but so light I could barely notice. I was ready to insert my penis and when I did my penis went in and came out soaking wet covered in a thin clear fluid which had the appearance and consistency of water.

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Is Watery Semen Normal?

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Ejaculation smells funny

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