James murray jokers

James murray jokers

Further why the gay word is constantly associated with him? The pair even made the marriage official with a legal paper signed up. Murray clarified the situation during an interview revealing that marriage was planned a few months ago in order to punish Sal. Well, the real reason Sal came out was he wanted to inspire Murray and help him come out. Before he came out, often used to jokes about his girlfriend and boyfriend. The only problem is Q has no break-dancing skills Trouble Shoot - Q has to wear a cast and record all the things the Jokers tell him to do on camera Scarytales - Q reads his new children's book to a group of kids and you guessed right the other Jokers wrote it for him Bigger in Texas - Q finds himself tied up and being dragged by a horse through a rodeo Make Womb For Daddy - While teaching a class of childbirth to a room of pregnant women a nurse attaches Q to a device that simulates 8 stages of labor The Lost Boy - Q dresses up as Peter Pan thinking while he is joining a musical but is actually in a wrestling match against Tommy Dreamer The Permanent Punishment - Along with Sal and Murr they get tattooed.

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