Kunder joker

Kunder joker

It is fine for the director to think of making a 'clean' movie, but at least there has to be a story to make people sit in the theater. In the acting department, besides Akshay, Shreyas Talpade manages to tickle the funny bone with his gibberish talk. Farah therefore saw very little of her father while growing up. Kamran Khan ahd initially been very successful and prosperous, so much so that, when his sister-in-law Honey Irani married a poverty-stricken poet named Javed Akhtar , the newly-weds turned to Kamran for help and he gave them an apartment to live in free of rent. She has one brother, Sajid Khan , who is a comedian, actor and film director. Producer Farah Khan while promoting the film, confidently said that 'Joker' would make for a great family viewing at the theaters as elders wouldn't have to worry about raunchy kisses and scintillating skin show popping every now and then in front of the kids. Akshay Augustya , a NASA scientist returns to India to improve the condition of his village named 'Paglapur', apparently which has lost its identity from the face of the earth.

Kunder joker

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