The joker personality analysis

The joker personality analysis

The backlash was inspired by Frederic Wertham , who hypothesized that mass media especially comic books was responsible for the rise in juvenile delinquency , violence and homosexuality, particularly in young males. She creates the first Harley Quinn persona for the Joker. The Joker falls into a vat of chemicals which bleaches his skin, colors his hair green and his lips red, and drives him insane. Frank Miller interpreted the character as fixated on death and uninterested in sexual relationships, while Robinson believes that the Joker is capable of a romantic relationship. The Joker manipulates her and terrorizes her. The flower in his lapel sprays acid, and his hand often holds a lethal joy buzzer conducting a million volts of electricity, although both items were introduced in as harmless joke items. It is suggested that the Joker is sane, and feigns insanity to avoid the death penalty.

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